How to become business analyst ?

How to become business analyst — Act on both the business and information technology spheres at once. They can therefore come from either of these backgrounds. Some business analysts have initial training in computers completed with business training, while others have classical business expertise enhanced by technical IT training. 

Clément Côté, senior consultant at 2C Solutions and president of the Montreal chapter of the IIBA, explains: 

“Universities are not yet training business analysts as such. A few master’s level programs exists, but they are mainly designed for professionals who already have some experience under their belt.

Business analysts often end up in this role by accident, as their careers evolve. They are perhaps called on to work jointly with the business or computer department, and end up linking the two. Two major sources of BA professionals can therefore be considered: the computer world (e.g. architects, developers) and the business world. 

What is the best background for becoming a business analyst? The debate is still ongoing in the community. Both have their qualities and their faults—computer people have a tendency to anticipate the solution while mangers sometimes lack the knowledge to interact with IT. 

I believe that good business analysts are above all specialists in business analysis. They have backgrounds in both disciplines and act as a bridge between the two worlds.”

Professional certification in business analysis

Last September, the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) inaugurated the first professional certification in business analysis: CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional). 

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