Business Analyst Careers in Canada

Business analyst careers in Canada — Although the business analyst profession is relatively recent, it plays a strategic role today in the IT industry. The Business analyst acts at the project management stage, and should have as many technical competencies as communication qualities, decision making skills, as well as an excellent business sense.

IIBA: International Institute of Business analysis

Here is a short description of the IIBA, International Institute of Business analysis.  The IIBA is an independent, not-for-profit professional association for business analysis professionals.  The IIBA is an independent, not-for-profit professional association for business analysis professionals. IIBA was created in 2003 in Toronto by 28 founding members, representing 21 organizations in eight countries. The constitution amendments were voted on and accepted, and members […]

The Rise to Power of Business Analysts

Since its appearance at the end of the 1970s, the role of business analysis has evolved into a key function in the world of information technology today. With the market imposing increasingly faster implementation times, more efficient and global solutions, along with a more controlled return on investment, business analysis becomes an essential step in the satisfactory completion of large-scale projects.  […]

Cherifa Mansoura Interview — IBM

Cherifa Mansoura Liamani  was one of the initiators of the business analysis community not only at IBM, but also of the Montreal section of the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysts), which she played an active role in setting up. She talks to us about her background and sheds light on the role of this […]

Business Analyst Role — A Bridge Between IT and Business

BUSINESS ANALYST ROLE Business analysts intervene at the project management stage in information technology. Working with the project manager, their role is specifically to analyze business requirements before the start of a project. Their work involves identifying, defining, analyzing then documenting the underlying needs of a project. They guarantee the compliance of a project with business requirements and help […]

Top 5 Business Analyst Skills to Have

Business Analyst skills to have —Business analysts should be bilingual: they need to speak in the language of both computers and business. To be credible in both environments, they must have the required information technology and business skills. They must also have excellent communication skills to interact with the two words.  “Business analysts spend their time communicating, asking questions, conveying needs,” […]

Business analysis process guide in 7 stages

Business analysis process guide in 7 stages 1. Macroeconomic studies Initially, the first step of the business analysis process involves the senior business analyst to focus on studying the feasibility and cost effectiveness and on the analysis and improvement of existing business processes. 2. Identification of business requirements Once a project is approved, the business […] network