Business Analyst Candidate Advice

Business analyst candidate advice — Resumés templates, cover letters and useful tips to prepare hiring interviews, and convince the recruiters.

Business analyst C.V — The Art of Tailoring

Business analyst C.V — You should tailor your business analyst resume for each application, in order to match what recruiters are looking for as much as possible—hence the need to properly decode the job ad beforehand. You can first create a master CV and then adapt it as required. Three sections lend themselves well to […]

Building your Business Analyst C.V

A CV must be well structured; it must clearly explain your profile and show the continuity of your experience. ESSENTIAL SECTIONS 1. CONTACT INFORMATION Last name, first name, address, telephone number and e-mail.  You do not have to give a title to this section. It can also be included in the page header or footer.  […]

C.V Format — Presentation and Formulation

CV PRESENTATION: To capture the recruiter’s interest and make your CV easier to read, pay attention to the presentation of your CV and be as clear as possible. Follow these basic rules: Well spaced out and coherent style Titles and sub-titles show graphical hierarchy Clearly identified headings: underlines, frames, capitals, etc. Maximum of 3 pages […]

The Cover Letter of a Business Analyst

Here is an example of a business analyst cover letter. A cover letter should be short, specific and no longer than one page. You should specify your career objectives in relation to the position, what appeals to you about the job and a short summary of your experience and skills. It is no longer mandatory […]

Recruiting interview for business analyst

Recruiting interview for business analyst — Here are some tips and tricks for your recruiting interview as a business analyst. 1. BE PREPARED You should be familiar with the company you are applying for, as well as its industry sector. Before the interview, look up and memorize the information you will need to know: field of activity, […] network