The Cover Letter of a Business Analyst

Here is an example of a business analyst cover letter.

A cover letter should be short, specific and no longer than one page. You should specify your career objectives in relation to the position, what appeals to you about the job and a short summary of your experience and skills.

It is no longer mandatory to send a traditional cover letter along with your CV. Do so only if it is required or you consider it to be relevant. Most of the time, sending an e-mail with your CV as an attachment is fine. The body of your e-mail does duty as a short, informal cover letter.

First name Last name
7892 xxxx Street
Brampton, ON V6E 2K3
January 10, 2011
Re: Reply to vacancy for senior business analyst
Ref.: 56896332np
Dear Sir or Madam:
I am pleased to apply for the position of senior business analyst posted on 
During my seven years of experience, first as business analyst then as senior business analyst at XXX, I participated in many large-scale projects. In particular, I developed financial sector expertise working for multinationals such as YYY and WWW. I am proficient in advanced modelling techniques, and am thoroughly familiar with the ins and outs of conducting a business analysis. I have a calm nature, with strong diplomatic and leadership skills. 
Your job offer is perfectly in line with my career objectives of working for a large financial group. 
I would be available for an interview to discuss my interest in this position, and look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Yours truly,
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