“Sell” Your Projects to Your Staff and Keep the Team Spirit

Project managers have a role of management, but also of attraction. Here are some tips to rally your troops to your projects and make sure that there is some benefit for everyone involved while keeping the team spirit.

Create an optimal atmosphere

Since a lot of time is spent at work, it’s important to have a good atmosphere so employees will want to come to work. If they feel good at work, they will be more open to actively participating in the project, regardless of its nature.

Building a team spirit also promotes motivation. More and more companies are organizing activities outside of work so that employees can get to know each other. Everyone wins, because employees create links and become more productive and engaged.

Involving employees

The best way to motivate the troops is to involve employees. By taking the time to discuss each other’s vision and treating their ideas as important, they will feel that their contribution is important and they can personally contribute something to the project.

One way to do this is to make decisions as a team. Feeling included contributes to creating a feeling of belonging and obviously plays on employee involvement.

The importance of recognition

According to a study conducted by the Robert Half recruitment firm, employees perform better and are more resilient and loyal if they have the recognition of their superior. This recognition confirms the sense of competency that is essential for an employee to be able to achieve a sense of well-being at work.

So as a manager, it is important to value team members. It is necessary to highlight the group’s successes, but also to recognize the individual qualities and strengths of each employee. By feeling that they are valued, workers will be better able to flourish and will have more desire to participate enthusiastically in all the company’s projects.

Set realistic goals

It is also important to set concrete and achievable goals. In this way, employees know what to expect and manage their time better. If deadlines are realistic, they will be much more open to the project, they will be less stressed and will have more desire to participate.

To sum up, the key to “selling” your projects is to put people first and foremost in the process. The more employees feel involved and valued, they more they will want to be involved, no matter what project they are offered!

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