Management tricks to inspire your team to do more

As an entrepreneur, is motivating your work team still a big challenge? There is no miracle cure, but you are the best person to motivate them by example. Here are some inspiring management tricks.

Offer flexible hours
Every day give your employees breaks to recharge (while ensuring they respect their commitments), it will help them find meaning in their work. You could also achieve this by creating an office relaxation space or by installing a ping-pong table. You could even authorize remote work from home or a café.

Reward your employees

Whether a big or small company occasion, make it a habit of congratulating and rewarding your team. Simply offering small snacks, surprise gifts, or restaurant invitations to the team can help you achieve this.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate some more

The least costly, most effective way to increase employee engagement is to regularly communicate with them. It is really important for them to understand your work philosophy, business culture, mission, values, and vision. You can convey this by hanging information on the workplace’s walls, which will help prevent oversights. It is also a good idea to adapt your communication method according to your different types of employees. Before addressing them, consider their needs and motivations.

Create employee advancement opportunities

Ask them how they would like to progress and continue learning in their field. Then, where needed, consider creating a program to let them grow within the company while developing themselves as individuals and professionals. You could even give them time during the week to read, put in place a mentorship program, or start a professional co-development group (training them using experts available internally).

Give your employees a voice

Finally, in order to involve employees and staff, think of ideas to let them promptly share their comment and express themselves. This approach works well on resolving problems. For example, outside of meetings, you could consider setting up a private online community, creating a private Facebook group, using Crowdbase, Yammer, or a personalized platform based on your needs. This will maintain your employees’ level of confidence and consequently advance your business.

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