Show Your Data – the 5 Best Data Visualization Tools

Nothing beats an image to make Big Data “talk”. Here is our selection of the best tools to create evocative and relevant graphics.

Poorly presented data is useless! In order to have meaning, Big Data that organizations collect today must be ordered and presented in pictorial form. An effective visual is essential to make the most of a set of data. In addition, it’s necessary to find the best visualization according to the audience addressed: graphics, maps, diagrams, video animations or even augmented reality contents – nothing is impossible! The good news is that there are more and more easy-to-use and accessible tools.

Tableau is the unavoidable leader of software for creating data visualizations. It is simple to use and yet can produce professional quality interactive visualizations. Integrate your spreadsheets, databases or big data and drag elements on the dashboard which will automatically be transformed into graphics. A single visual can integrate data from several sources. Tableau also lets you integrate your creations into your own web app so your customers can display reports based on the data that concern them directly. To top it off, Tableau is available in a French version!

With its sleek interface, QlikView will appeal to beginners and experts alike. In addition to its data visualization functions, QlikView offers intelligent business solutions and tools to create accounting reports and financial analyses.

This visualization and mapping tool is well known. And for good reason! It offers 90 different types of graphics. What really distinguishes FusionCharts from the rest is the ease with which it can connect its data to pre-existing visualization models. Easy as pie.

A favourite of big media that loves the design of its graphics, Datawrapper is probably the easiest software to master. Its interface is intuitive and the visuals that can be made with it are simple and clear. They get straight to the point.

BFor those who need more complex visualizations and have more computer skills, Plotly is the best tool. It integrates programming languages such as Python, R and Matlab, for example.

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