Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil jobs

ID Card
Head office: Montreal (QC)
Date of creation : 1984
Type of company: public company
Sector of activity: arts, entertainment, culture, leisure

The troupe from Cirque du Soleil, began its original and intriguing performances, under the name of Baie St-Paul's Steamers, in the streets of the homonymous village in the early 1980s. The troupe begins an official tour throughout Quebec, under the name of Cirque du Soleil, on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the discovery of Canada in 1984. From then on, imagination, energy, and the marvelous never ceased to seduce the public. Since 1993 Circus has had its first permanent show in Las Vegas, and has toured the world, where its success has never been denied. Cirque du Soleil has since expanded its activities and offers movies, clothing lines, boutiques and even nightclubs.

Cirque du Soleil employees are divided between performing artists, studio employees, and more traditional office jobs. We find at the head office of Montreal as well employees in finance, administration, legal, as athletes, musicians, dancers, clowns, comedians, etc ... Indeed, after their hiring, these will have to follow in Montreal a formation which can go up to several months, before going on stage.
Headquarters are also studios (acrobatic training halls, dance halls, theater and fitness) that are not limited to the training of artists. It is also where riggers and trainers, new equipment and new techniques are developed. Cirque du Soleil also recruits advanced engineers and technology specialists to participate in research and development in these fields.

Working environment
The current head office dates back to 1997, and is part of an urban development initiative in the Saint-Michel neighborhood in Montreal. Real 'environmental complex' and 'city of arts', the seat is surrounded by an original landscaping. The garden is used to harvest products that are used in the preparation of dishes for employees and surpluses are also given to them. The head office concentrates an incredible variety of cultures and nationalities. It is the place where the creatives, the artists, the experts of the different domains are concentrated.

Cirque du Soleil also has several local offices around the world to meet the needs of international employees. 

Corporate culture
Cirque du Soleil uses its influence to support environmental and social causes.

In the headquarters itself, the facilities aim to reduce greenhouse gases, promote recycling and composting. Initiatives to reduce the use of paper (two-sided printing), plastic (removal of disposable dishes) and reduce water consumption have been put in place. The design and creation of costumes benefit from the search for methods and materials that reduce the environmental impact, and increase their lifespan.

Two youth outreach programs: Cirque du Monde and Arts Nomades use the arts to contribute to the personal and social development of the participants. The OneDrop Foundation, provides infrastructure for access to drinking water, and support for communities via social art (local inspiration) to mobilize and sensitize people around these projects.

Contact us 8400 2e Avenue Montreal, QC H1Z 4M6
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