Power System Analyst

January 13 2021
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Mississauga, ON


Power System Analyst

Location of Position: Mississauga

The Power System Analyst will report to the Engineering Manager, Power Systems

Temporary Role - up to 24 months

This position exists across multiple areas in Market and System Operations, with materially similar accountabilities and skill requirements. In addition to detailing common duties, this job document identifies area specific expectations that assist incumbents and managers in understanding specific expectations for that area.

This position covers all common tasks listed plus those in the "Modelling and Validation Role"

Job Description (Key responsibilities):

The power system analyst assists in conducting studies, analysis and application of specialized technology the field of power systems in support of real-time operations, operations planning or planning activities. Assist in the provision of analytical and technical support as needed for policies, operating agreements, equipment specifications, operational and outage plans and system investments. Assist with model development, studies and analysis that:

  • contribute to the production of Operating Instructions (including System Control Orders and on-demand limits);
  • support IESO security, adequacy and operability obligations found in the Market Rules and in applicable NERC and NPCC reliability standards;
  • assess the impact on reliability and validate performance of new or modified facilities impacting the IESO-controlled-grid;
  • develop and update models, data and security applications for existing, new or modified facilities;
  • support online and off-line security model management (models, data, and security applications); and,
  • support the coordination with neighboring entities on NERC, NPCC and regional market in the area of reliability matters.
  • Assist in technical studies and analysis to resolve inquiries and support real-time operations, operations planning or planning functions through analysis and application of highly specialized technology in the field of power system operation in areas that may include.
  • Receive assignment from the Sr. Power System Engineer, Engineering Supervisor, Engineering Manager, and/or Senior Manager in detail on specific problems related to assigned areas of work.

Limit Derivation and Outage Integration Role:

  • Through technical studies, identify bounds of operations and define critical parameters in the power system for all time frames within the normal scope of coverage. Produce reports to support findings and recommendations.
  • Through technical studies, identify power system operating limits and operating instructions in support of real-time, operations planning and long-term planning using appropriate study criteria within the normal, high-risk and emergency system conditions.
  • As required, assist with deriving limits and operating instructions within the normal scope of coverage and for forced/planned outages in all time frames, including the provision of TTC/ATC to facilitate the energy markets, capacity/demand response auctions, and transmission rights markets.
  • Assist with the update, maintenance and accuracy of operating limits to support reliability monitoring and security constrained economic dispatch (market) systems through applicable contingency analysis software and instructions used by off-shift and on-shift staff.
  • Assist with the supporting real-time monitoring tools as they related to system and market operations.
  • Assist with outage integration reviews and reporting for system security and adequacy with the purpose of accepting or rejecting outage requests from market participants and neighbouring entities. Coordination between participants, neighbouring entities, or with the IESO maybe be required.

Assess Power System Change Role:

  • Assist with System Impact, Technical Feasibility and de-registration assessments to evaluate the reliability and operability impact of a new or modified connection, or a disconnection, on the integrated power system using applicable IESO, NERC and NPCC reliability standards.
  • Assist with the preparation of reports containing the results of the study, any required system upgrades and connection requirements, and a recommendation for the IESO to issue a notice of approval or disapproval for the new or modified connection.
  • Validate registration data based on information initially submitted for assessment. Assist with the reassessment of the proposed connection if the registration data differs materially from the configuration or technical parameters that were used by the IESO to approve the new or modified facility.
  • Provide support for regional and bulk power system planning, for preparation of evidence required by connection applicants to obtain the OEB’s leave to construct and for inquiries from neighboring jurisdiction as they relate to connection assessments.
  • Assist with technical studies to support the IESO's initiatives for evolving the policies related to the operations and evolution of the IESO-controlled grid and the IESO-administered markets.

Modelling and Validation Role:

  • Assist with the development of base cases to support Ontario and regional reliability studies by the IESO, participants and other external organizations.
  • Assist with the development and maintenance of suitable models to support the IESO’s Energy Management and Market Systems to enable the applicable real-time and day-ahead operations.
  • Assist with the maintenance and support the IESO’s contingency analysis software used by off-shift and on-shift staff.
  • Assist in specifying and reviewing the results of tests to confirm that facilities connected to the IESO- controlled grid satisfy the IESO’s performance requirements. Based on the results of performance tests, investigate transmission and generation models suitable for planning and operating studies.

Compliance Studies Role:

  • Validate and support standards compliance as well as industry best practices by supporting the necessary technical studies to assess the security of the IESO-controlled-grid and surrounding region under various system conditions. Assist with joint studies to review the utilization of resources on the interconnected system to achieve maximum economic gain and operating flexibility.
  • Support the SPS/RAS classification processes.

Common Role:

  • Support IESO security, adequacy and operability obligations found in the Market Rules and in applicable NERC and NPCC reliability standards.
  • Provide information gathering support the preparation and delivery of reliability compliance evidence, including work procedures, RSAWs, market manuals, and training material.
  • Perform other duties as required.

Selection Criteria:


  • Requires engineering knowledge of electrical theory, power system analysis and control, mathematics, computers science and the like to carry out engineering, economic or analytical studies related to the management and control of the bulk power system. Requires knowledge of technical writing to prepare effective reports.
  • This knowledge is acquired through the completion of an engineering/applied sciences degree from an accredited university or by having the equivalent education.
  • Must be able to obtain a professional engineering license from Professional Engineers Ontario within a reasonable period of time, with a competency in the field of electrical engineering.



  • Requires experience such as might be gained in the energy industry to become familiar with the general system operation, organizational structure to establish a broad base of contacts. Requires experience to become familiar with the nature of studies and investigations carried out by the different sections and groups of the organization. Requires further on the job experience to become familiar with methods and practices associated with the work functions.
  • A period of over 4 years and up to and including 6 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.

Core Competencies:

  • Functional/Technical Skills
  • Customer Focus
  • Approachability
  • Problem Solving
  • Action Oriented
  • Learning on the Fly
  • Informing
  • Self-Development

What the IESO Offers:

  • Competitive market wages
  • Comprehensive benefit programs
  • Programs and policies to support a balanced lifestyle
  • A challenging fast-paced team environment
  • Opportunity to work with some of the brightest people in the industry

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