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21865 Data Scientist

December 5 2021
Industries Energy
Categories Project Management, Business Analysis, Information Technology, Engineering, Systems architect, Design, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, IT Business Analyst, Data Business Analyst, Data analyst, BI, Mining, AI
Chalk River, ON

The Business Intelligence Specialist works closely with business lines to understand their goals and how data can help them achieve those goals. The Business Intelligence Specialist develops a thorough understanding of the data in existence, makes it practically usable by converting legacy data into data products. Also identifies appropriate technologies to process and increase re-use value of structured and unstructured data. The essence of the role is to curate CNL's data, and research data in particular and connect the CNL data user community to data that is potentially relevant to them.


  • Catalog and characterize existing data, with a focus on experimental data, developing, maintaining and evolving machine readable conceptual models (knowledge graphs) to link structured and unstructured data for analytics
  • Develop and maintain knowledge of the types and location of data generated through research and other mission activities.
  • Develop and implement processes and tools to capture, maintain and make data available, including data migration/ conversion to rejuvenate and make accessible older data which may otherwise be lost.
  • Identify the use cases for specific data sets, data structures and models
  • Develop models and tools and generally package data products to make them accessible and usable
  • Leveraging data in planning projects, including responding to commercial proposals where access to data from past experiments or measurements may become a competitive advantage.
  • Analyse data to identify trends, gaps, and following these leads to complete the data, alert stakeholders about the trends, propose actions to act on the findings.
  • Act as data Subject Matter Expert (SME) on projects, contributing knowledge about past data formats, how it should be migrated, data models to adopt, and the design of sustainable data models
  • Develop models and tools to access and analyse data specifically required by or generated by the project, 
  • Ensure project data is assessed and triaged for addition to data catalog


  • A degree in information architecture, data/ computer science, statistics or mathematics from a university of recognized standing.


  • 5-8 years of experience as a Data Scientist/ Machine Learning or related role
  • Actively engaged with multidisciplinary teams across business domains
  • Experience with the implementation of solutions for the management and analysis of data

Abilities and Skills

  • Ability to understand business problems and contribute solutions to solve them
  • Excellent communicator able to translate complex technical situations into plain language for non-technical personnel
  • Self-driven and able to work independently as well as in a team
  • Openness to learning new skills

Job/Industry Specific Knowledge

  • Experience and Fluency in at least 2 of these computer/coding programs: R, Python, SQL/NoSQL Databases, HIVE, Semantic Web Technology stack (RDF, OWL, SPARQL)
  • Applied experience, i.e. documented applied analysis from research projects, co-op terms, data science competitions, graduate or employment work
  • Experience modernizing systems and accessing/ interpreting ageing data
  • Ability to convert data persistent on paper/ PDF into computer processable formats  and making it usable for analytical purposes network