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Business Analyst: Develop Your Non-Technical Skills

In the current business environment, technical skills get old VERY quickly. However, companies are seeking professionals with some non-technical skills that would be worthwhile developing. Here are some of them. Non-technical skills are in fact personal characteristics and cognitive abilities that can be developed and improved. They are related to an individual’s behaviours and way […]


How to Get Started As a Business Analyst

Here are some tips and good practices before making the leap into a career to start as a business analyst… and being successful! Do you have a problem-solving approach? Are you a good communicator? Do you exercise critical thinking? Do you excel in process modelling and mapping? If you answered affirmatively to most of these […]

Company life

Questions to Ask to Understand Your Industry

Getting started as a business analyst in a new industry requires knowing the ropes, which means seeking quality information. What are the right questions to ask to learn more about your industry? Knowing the environment The business analyst has to immerse himself in the environment and, by extension, in his client’s business processes if he […]

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Business Analyst – 3 Spheres of Analysis to Master

To carry out his projects effectively, the business analyst needs to master the three spheres of analysis, namely the “Business” sphere, the “Software” sphere and the “Information” sphere. The work of the business analyst requires mastery of communication techniques and analysis techniques for each of these. Overview. The “Business” sphere The business analyst needs to […]


Towards an Agile Workforce

Many experts are now talking about “agile work” as a trend that will profoundly transform the work world by 2025. In fact, nearly one-third of the country’s labour pool is already composed of these atypical workers (consultants, contractors, self-employed workers). And this movement is expected to increase, according to a study from Randstad Canada conducted […] network