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How to Assert Your Personality With a Recruiter

To stand out, skills are not enough – you have to know how to arouse the recruiter’s interest by highlighting your personality. How do you achieve this in a résumé, on social media? Tips. Targeting the required personal qualities Showcasing your personality is a good way of enhancing your candidacy and eliciting a call from […]


#noprojects, or Why We Should Stop Thinking by Project  

In Information Technologies (IT), a growing body of business analysts wants to promote a new approach: discarding the concept of projects to focus on continuous improvement.  According to Australian Evan Leybourn and New Zealander Shane Hastie, from the “agile” movement and authors of the book #noprojects, A Culture of Continuous Value (2018), project-based operation has […]

Career management

Succeeding As a “Consultant” — Best Practices

Going into business puts the wind in your sails. Whether you are seeking greater freedom of action, to work on a variety of projects or to be your own boss, consulting is an appealing option. But becoming a “consultant” is not for novices. Between expertise and social skills, here are some tips to stand out. […] network