June 2017

Steven Blair

@Frostbyte Consulting June 2017
Steven Blair left Open2view Alberta to join Frostbyte Consulting in Calgary as a Strategy and Process Consulting.

Ramzi L. Kaiache

@Scotiabank June 2017
Ramzi L. Kaiache is taking up the role of Senior Manager | Strategic Initiatives at Scotiabank in Montreal. He previously worked as a Founder and CEO at AxioMetric.

Wade Movold

@AESO June 2017
Wade Movold has been hired by AESO as Project Manager / Business Analyst in Calgary. He had previously worked as Director at Summit Advisors.

Sarah Viehbeck

@Canadian Institutes of Health Research | Instituts June 2017
Sarah Viehbeck has been appointed I/Head of Performance Measurement and I/Manager of Planning, Reporting, Measurement and Data at Canadian Institutes of Health Research | Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada in Ottawa where she had been working as a Team Lead, Evaluation.

Sean McInnes

@Brion Energy June 2017
After working at XIST Consulting, Sean McInnes has taken up the role of Strategic Business Analyst at Brion Energy in Calgary.

PoornimaNandhini Balakrishnan

@Scotiabank June 2017
PoornimaNandhini Balakrishnan received a promotion and has been appointed Senior Manager, Data Analysis at Scotiabank in Toronto where he had been working as a Data Scientist.

Simran Sahota

@KPMG Corporate Finance LLC June 2017
After working at KPMG Canada, Simran Sahota has been appointed as an Analyst at KPMG Corporate Finance LLC in Brampton.

Tobi Carter

@Health Canada | Santé Canada June 2017
Tobi Carter is taking up the role of Analyst at Health Canada | Santé Canada in Ottawa. Prior to that he was working as a Senior Officer at Government of Canada.

J.D. Ney

@J.D. Power June 2017
J. D. Ney has been promoted to Senior Manager, Automotive Practice at J. D. Power where he had formerly worked as a Manager, Automotive Research and Consulting.